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What to expect from you as service provider

We will guide you, what the user or service buyer want to expect from you, so that you can earn more and have five rating for every aspect of the your luggage storage space.

Improvement areas

Following are the areas, you must improve to get the most out of the listings and ratings in your luggage storage space.


Your shop, restaurent or hotel must be clean so that storing the visitor's luggage will also be clean without dirt and without any contamination.


Warm welcome vistors and travellers to your space, make them believe that you are there for any kind of help in handling and storing their luggage while its stay at your location.


Be responsive, when they need something from you during their luggage storage, be quick in check in and check out. Listen to them and be attentive. Be quick in response to their queries. It will help to earn more ratings towards your listings on Lugler.


Provide the sense of security to visitor's for their luggage stored at your place. We have the QR-code facility for your and visitor security. Verify the booking with QR-code scanning send in the email while booking.