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This Privacy Policy ("Policy") is based on the terms of the Website. Therefore, the user should read & agree this before using the services provided by the website. This Policy is applicable to all services provided and described by the website. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us before using these services.

Please read this Policy very carefully before using lugler.com. They composed of a legally binding agreement between user (“you”, “your”, “User”, "Service Provider " or "Service Buyer") and Lugler.com (“we”, “us”, “our”, “Lugler” or “Company”) which is applicable to your use of this website (“Website”) and its services.

How do we collect your information?

To enable us to serve you better through our Website, Lugler may collect following information:

  1. Your information. When you register with the Lugler in any of the role Service Provider or Service Buyer, you submit your details.
  2. 1. When you visit our website, the servers which are hosting or website record your information which browsers sent to the server automatically as standard procedure of requesting a website, that may include the data & time of the request, browser name and its type and language used and cookie information if any.
  3. 1. Cookies. Yes, we do store cookies time to time during your visit to our Website to better serve you next time you visit us. We use cookies to enhance your experience with us. Yes, the cookies can be disabled in your browsers, however it may reduce the user experience using our website.
  4. 1. Interaction. Any interaction with website, may retain with us for your better experience to show you history on different events you interact with our website, that may a transaction history or chat history.
  5. Your messages. The messages you will send to other users or any type of interaction with Lugler will/may be monitored for training and investigation purpose on a negative report submit by some other user.

User Consent

As we have defined above, we will not use your information other then the above mentioned purpose. If Website want to use that information other then the described purpose, it will ask the user permission first, like we do when using social login into Lugler website, if you agree it will be share otherwise it wont allow the service you will be asking for.

Changes to Policy

The Company can update the Policy on any required event. It will have notified on the website, whenever it will be changed or modified.