How Luggage Storage Works

Choose a location

Find a location online. Pay online or in person for your luggage storage booking.

Drop your luggage

Drop the bags, suitcases, and any other personal belongings at Lugler location.

Find what you want

Enjoy your sightseeing and tourist places without carrying luggage with you!

Looking further

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Why LugLer For Luggage Storage?

There are hundreds of reasons why you should use LugLers to securely store your luggage. We point out some of the main reasons below that our customers have tweeted about us!:

  • We have hundreds of locations all across the globe! Some of the luggage storage locations offer free pick and drop luggage services from/to airport! For example, our LugLers at luggage storage NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, and many more!
  • You can easily book your baggage storage location in advance!
  • With a single click you can book and cancel your online luggage storage booking
  • You can pay online or opt to pay on the spot!
  • LugLer offers both cashless and cash payment methods to make it easier for all our customers
  • Almost all of our luggage storage services are rated 5.0 stars by our customers!
  • Your online account will have all your previous luggage storage history

With the help of LugLers You can store anything! as small as cell phone, camera, purse, watch, and as big as suitcase, backpacks, sports bags!